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Motorhome Travels - November 2008


We haven't moved much this month!

We arrived back on our property at Mt Perry before the end of October - and well, we haven't really moved since then.

We have however been quite busy. We have erected a few fences (mainly to keep the cattle out of the well area and away from around the bus), and Tracey has killed loads of weeds. We have also both been engaged our own personal war on the cane toad population by going out with a torch each night and picking up 20 - 30 of the damn things


We travelled to Bundaberg yesterday to do some shopping and to get the bearings in our alternator replaced. It has been making a bit of a noise lately so I removed it from the bus to find that the back bearing was badly in need of replacement. I decided to try and disassembled it myself - this proved quite difficult with the tiny puller that we have so I gave it a few small taps of persuasion with a large hammer.
As it transpired, this was not one of my best ideas - the taps became pounds and this resulted in mashing the thread that holds the pulley on the shaft. An engineer in Bundaberg is currently repairing the thread AND replacing the bearings!  

We have decided to repaint the bus - it really is long over due - the current stripes have been on the bus for over six years, so I guess they have performed ok. We have decided to paint new stripes directly onto the side of the bus and have come up with a design that we think looks ok (and is within our capabilities to apply).

Below is a photo showing the current bus paintwork (ignore the load limit on the bridge) - mouse over the image to see the "artests impression" of how she will look after the paint job


Motorhome before and after paint job
The plans for Hobohomes new paint job - (mouse over).



The painting of the bus is progressing slowly. The paint has been stripped off the left-hand side and one of the blue stripes has been painted on. We have taken the opportunity to fill a few dents and creases before applying the paint.

The bus, stripped of paint and the masking tape applied ready for a stripe - [Click for a Larger Image]
The bus, stripped of paint and the
masking tape applied ready for a

It was suggested that we use a small roller instead of a brush and this seems to be working out remarkably well leaving a fine finish that is really very simular to spray.

Hopefully the bus alternator will be back here by about Friday, it should be a fairly straight forward job to refit that. With that fitted our list of jobs to do on the bus will be reduced to next to nothing.

We have been having a lot of discussions about what we are going to do in the coming year (planning???) - we both have quite a desire to head back over to the west coast. There are lots of places over there that we would like to re-visit and of course lots of places that we never made it to. Just thoughts at this stage - but who knows.

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